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May is time to celebrate mom.

Enjoy Magazine

May is time to celebrate mom. Our EAT section features a delicious homemade blueberry jam recipe passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter. Jane Monzures shares this family treasure not just with you, the readers of Enjoy, but with her friends every holiday. You can taste the love. Try it yourself and share it with those you hold dearly.

Leaving something for the ones we love is what holds families together—term-life insurance is another. Our FINANCE section features an eye-opening perspective on the importance of insuring ourselves and our family members. It’s affordable and worth looking into. A term-life insurance policy is probably cheaper than you think.

Travel may be a luxury, but it can be done inexpensively. See our TRAVEL section featuring a month-long vacay to Thailand. Our writer was able to eat, stay and roam for less than $50 a day in some of Thailand’s most pristine beach destinations.

This month, and every month, Enjoy!

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